Back to Basics Training Programme

The Back to Basics Training Programme is a nine-month course for unemployed people. Most of the students will receive Local Training Initiative funding of €198.00 whilst on the programme.  The course includes ten weeks of work placement.  It has a wide range of modules that will help people determine what type of employment they would […]


Excel Spreadsheet

Excel Spreadsheet Excel Spreadsheet course for all levels from beginners to intermediates to advanced. This course ranges from 3 half days course to 5 full days occurring to the needs of the clients. The course is ideal for people that work in an office environment or that is a manager that needs to plan and […]


CPC for Road Transport Management

Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Transport Management The Certificate gives the candidate the opportunity to work as a transport manager or qualifies the candidate to set up their own transport business.  The course covers both national and international requirements for professional competence and successful candidates are issued with a Road Transport Certificate which also […]